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Sports is one of the most important areas where investments are made to make Istanbul, Turkey's window to the world, a universal value.
Sport has the power to unite people from different cultures by building bridges between different worlds. For this reason, it is aimed to develop the sports culture, to make the society consist of healthy and fit individuals who have acquired the habit of doing regular sports, to serve the country's sports by raising the talents of the future in the facility investments made in the field of sports, and to spread the Olympic spirit to the whole city.
In 62 sports facilities within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; 10 Football Fields, 20 Sports Halls, 25 Swimming Pools, 1 Aqua Park, 49 Fitness Centers, 38 Studios (Step-Aerobics-Pilates-Gymnastics), 20 Defense Sports Halls, 14 Table Tennis, 41 Tennis Courts, 17 Basketball/Volleyball Outdoors There are 41 Football Field, 1 Camp and Training Center, 1 Wrestling Hall, 2 Ice Rinks, 6 Archery, 3 Squash Halls, 1 Water Sports Field, 7 Training Halls, 1 Bocce Field. Again under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality, there are open parks, gardens and recreation areas, playgrounds for children on the coastline, instrumental sports fields for adults, basketball-volleyball fields, football fields, walking and jogging tracks, tennis courts, bicycle paths and many other sports fields. Sports services are provided to Istanbul residents.
In addition to 11 sports facilities and 35 school gymnasiums under construction, a gym has been added to the gardens of 224 schools so far. In these halls, our children can do Physical Education lessons during class hours. The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries all physical education lessons from open spaces to modern, comfortable and hygienic halls, regardless of summer and winter, offers the opportunity to do sports in these halls, with amateur sports clubs and athletes, as well as all residents outside of class hours. In addition, with the sports schools organized in summer and winter periods, our children between the ages of 4-15 are introduced to sports.
Thanks to the sustainable services offered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality at high standards, sports have been made accessible even in the most extreme points of the city. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which enables as many people as possible to do sports, especially children and young people, provides sports services to an average of 7 million people per year in sports facilities and school gyms.
In the Istanbul Sports Inventory, other than military areas, sites, hotels, shopping centers and gyms located under apartments, sports facilities built within social, cultural and educational equipment areas and open sports areas in parks, gardens and recreation areas, are included in the Istanbul Sports Inventory. Identity of all sports facilities has been removed. With the on-site inspections, the facilities have been classified as international, national and local, taking into account the existing physical structures, social and sportive areas of all sports facilities in Istanbul.
Sports halls, swimming pools, football fields and sports facilities that appeal to other branches are shown separately on the sports map of the districts. In fact, the names and numbers of all carpet pitches, large and small, currently in service in Istanbul, are included in this inventory. The registered sports clubs serving in Istanbul and the information about the active branches of these clubs are given by district. At the same time, active sports clubs according to sports branches, the number of athletes and all statistical information on this subject can be accessed. In addition, the number of students and sports facilities (as facilities and halls) of primary, secondary and higher education institutions according to the area and population of Istanbul are included in the inventory.

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