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Spor Envanteri - Destek Hizmetleri Daire Başkanlığı Gençlik ve Spor Müdürlüğü


Istanbul is one of the few metropolitan cities of the world with a population of approximately 20 million in 39 districts. With its unique historical and cultural texture, geography connecting the continents and fascinating natural beauties, Istanbul stands out as one of the most interesting symbol cities of Europe and the world.
While the efforts of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to consolidate the common identity from the past to the present and to increase the quality of life of the citizens continue, projects are produced with the aim of creating a healthy and fit society with a developed sports culture, regularly doing sports, and tens of national and international sports organizations are successfully organized every year.
With the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which contributes to sports with its facility investments, it is aimed to transform the city into a sports city identity with national and international organizations. While the investments and sports activities made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality set an example for district municipalities, public institutions and organizations, universities, sports clubs and many organizations, the most important return of facility investments is healthy generations and spreading the Olympic spirit to the base.
In the past, many giant sports events such as UEFA Champions League Final, UEFA Super Cup Final, Formula 1, Moto GP, World Basketball Championship, World Wrestling Championship, European and World Short Course Swimming Championships were held in Istanbul. Along with the studies carried out in recent years, there has been an increase in the quantity and quality of the sports organizations organized in Istanbul. The Istanbul Marathon, organized by the Metropolitan Municipality, was run in the gold category with increasing participation from all over the world, including Turkey, and the Istanbul Half Marathon was upgraded to the gold category, making it one of the most prestigious sports organizations. In addition to the marathon and half marathon, various sports events are organized with federations and universities.
Training talented athletes while aiming to increase the number of winners in European, world and international championships; Based on the fact that access to sports is a universal right, it has become an inevitable necessity to increase the number of modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities in order to make it easier for people from all ages and social layers, including disadvantaged groups, to do sports and to spread the culture of doing sports.
In the criteria that will carry Istanbul to the Olympics; A Sports Master Plan has been prepared by our İBB Youth and Sports Directorate in order to determine how and in what way facility investments will be made with the cooperation of all units, to prepare projects that will shed light on the future of Istanbul regarding sports, to determine the demands and expectations of the people and to carry out studies that will respond to them. Istanbul Sports Inventory, which is a bridge where continents meet and cultures merge, was also revised in line with this plan and restructured as a giant data bank.
Istanbul Sports Inventory is a resource prepared to the extent that every child and individual who grows up in the city can easily access information about the facilities and branches in the district where they can do sports based on their interests and abilities. The Sports Inventory, which is structured with a devoted field study carried out by the experts of our IMM Youth and Sports Directorate, contains all the information about the facilities in terms of educational, cultural, social and sports. We are happy to offer this service, which is a guide and resource for everyone who does sports regularly, wants to start sports and wants to make sports a part of their life, to our people.

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